What can educators learn from this epic documentary that has woven itself into American popular culture due largely to its subtle commentary on race, class, and the economics of college sports?

A WHOLE LOT.  Revisit Hoop Dreams by watching it for free right here!


Ask any veteran teacher about his or her experiences in the classroom, and you will surely learn a thing or two, or three!  In this video interview, we asked FOUR veteren teachers to detail for us their thoughts and feelings about instructional supervision, and we learned MUCH!



Academic success among school-age African-American males is sometimes portrayed as the Holy Grail of Urban Education. It is earnestly pursued and sought after by many, but it only happens for a few.

In Challenging the Status Quo, authors Toldson and Lewis reveal how states, districts and schools conspire to educationally malnourish some of the nation’s schoolchildren.

Their PREPS framework shifts attention away from measuring students to measuring the commitment of policymakers and K-12 practitioners to expand public school students’ access to a certified and experienced teaching force, college-preparatory courses in math and science, and a fair shot at opportunity.

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The Mike Hicks/Steve Perry Interview

Your fearless Education Leader, Michael Hicks,  throws the questions at CNN’s Dr. Steve Perry.  Topics range from school choice and teachers’ unions to 90′s R&B and liquor stores.

What you get here is an off the cuff talk with a now famous educational leader who at the end of the day, is just a regular dude.

You may not agree with everything he says, but you have to respect his passion and his intellect.  Stay tuned to www.EDleadernews.com as we continue to bring you EXCLUSIVES like this interview with Steve Perry.  Steve Perry’s new book, Push Has Come To Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve, Even if it Means Picking a Fight, is available at Barnes & Noble, amazon.com, and anywhere good books are sold.

And yes, the students were out of school that day, hence the rarely seen casual look of Dr. Perry.

Asimple question requires a simple answer.  If you truly want to become a “next-level” educator, you must acquire the skills of culturally component teachers.  What is best place to start?  I’m glad you asked!  First things first; get to know Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings.  Google her name.  Buy her book(s).  Read her journal articles.  Start here:

For nearly a decade, the Schott Foundation for Public Education has published data on the outcomes for Black males in public education. During that period, there has definitely been an increased awareness of the issues and opportunities confronting Black males.

There have been more national, state and local commissions formed, philanthropic dollars invested,programs developed and documentaries produced—all of which we view as worthy investments.Without these, it is very unlikely that any progress would have been made over the past decade.

However, if we are to be totally honest, the necessary systemic reforms and investments to significantly improve Black males’ outcomes and to provide them with a fair and substantive opportunity to learn have come at a painstakingly slow pace or not at all.

So much so that our failure to institutionalize the supports necessary to provide Black males with a substantive opportunity for success has yielded a climate where academically only 10 percent of Black males in the United States are deemed proficient in8th grade reading, and only 52% are graduating from high school in a four-year period. Thus the penal institutions remain populated with too many Black males and the classroom student rolls with too few.


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From Classroom To Courtroom Summit Highlights

Watch this inspirational video of highlights from the most important education reform conference held in Louisiana. For information about the 2012 FC2C Summit, click HERE.

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Rethinking the Six Thinking Hats

“Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black, must have been a White guy that started all that!” – 3rd Bass,  Legendary 80’s Hip-Hop Group (comprised of two White Guys) Yes.

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Their School Is So Awesome!

Just watch the following video and you’ll see why so many people are becoming fans of the Richard Wright Public Charter School, its leader, its teachers, and most importantly, its talented students.

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School Reform, Fried Chicken, and Sushi

One of my favorite sushi restaurants (Sake Sushi in Southeast Shreveport – say that with your mouthful) has an appetizer they call chicken maki.  It’s basically a cream cheese and vegetable roll wrapped in a thin layer of chicken breast and then deep fried.  Check out the Instagram pic I took above. What if the […]

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The New New Edleadernews

Yes. I’m changing the website. Again. Advanced typography techniques courtesy of Mr. Chris Pearson. I just deleted 75 posts that weren’t interesting, weren’t being read and shared, and basically were pretty boring. Sorry about all of the inconveniences I’m causing to my regular readers. Pardon the broken links and missing posts. I apologize to my […]

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A PowerPoint Presentation from Bill Gates: Our College Crisis

Is College Worth It?

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A New Principalship

Nearly 60% of a school’s impact on student achievement is attributable to principal and teacher effectiveness.  These are the most important in-school factors driving school success, with principals accounting for 25% and teachers 33% of a school’s total impact on achievement. Furthermore, even though a single teacher can have a profound impact on student learning […]

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Listen Up Innovative Teachers, You WILL Get Your Feelings Hurt!

If you expect your fellow teachers to greet your innovative ideas about improving education on your campus with open arms and embrace them as if those ideas are brilliant, then not only are you wrong, you are dead wrong.  I made this mistake for years until I one day decided that I did not care […]

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You Are Now Watching The Throne

We’ve made it! This site, by virtue of its stellar design by yours truly (yeah,right) is now being featured on the WOO THEMES Showcase page. Much time, sweat, and patience has been put in to the building and maintaining of this site. It’s good to see that others appreciate the effort I put into keeping […]

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New Orleans Schools focus of Documentary Film – “The Experiment”

THE EXPERIMENT is a 90-minute documentary by director / producer Ben Lemoine which takes an inside look at the current radical transformation of public education in New Orleans and the social issues that surround it. Following Hurricane Katrina, the obstacles faced by New Orleans public school children were laid bare for the nation to examine […]

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