Digital marketing is any form of marketing that is internet-based and is used mostly to enhance online sales of products and services by creating awareness among people who use the internet. While it uses an online platform, this type of marketing is also used to boost sales offline. Online marketing or digital marketing are names commonly used to refer to Internet marketing. Here’s a guide just to introduce you to this world.

In order for a service or product to be marketed successfully to potential consumers online, all the participants must effectively work together. Some of them include:

1.       The Advertiser

The advertiser is usually the owner of the product that is marketed. The advertiser will provide the advert that is to be shown to online users for marketing purposes. This participant is the client and is the one that pays for the marketing efforts.

If you own a business that you want to market, then you fall into this category.

2.       The Publisher

The publisher is usually the owner of the platform on which the online advertisement is displayed. Publishers are in charge of integrating the provided advert into the content on their platform.

If you own a blog or any other online platform on which you have your own content, you are the potential publisher.

3.       Advertising Agency

The advertising agency is a participant in charge of creating advertisements that will be displayed by the publisher on behalf of the advertisers.

If you are in the business of creating written content for graphic designs or marketing ing to create awareness of a certain brand, you fall under the advertising agency category. If you operate a company that outsources such services, you also fall into this category.

4.       Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate marketer is a major participant that enhances online marketing efforts. The people involved will be responsible for promoting the products of the advertisers. In return for the promotional efforts, the affiliate marketer will get a cut if sales are generated directly or indirectly.

If you create content on blogs, forums, and revenue sharing sites to help bring up sales of a certain product, you are a affiliated marketer. Depending on how effective you are, this online marketing job can be an easy way to earn because it does not require you to have your own products to sell.

Internet Marketing Business Models

Digital marketing can be done using four major models. If you are a business owner, you can combine business models to boost sales and generate higher revenues.

1.       Local search model

The local search business model is a marketing model that relies on natural traffic coming from search engines. If your business is optimized for search, based on your business niche and location, this type of marketing can significantly help sales efforts.

2.       Affiliate marketing model

The affiliate marketing business model relies heavily on a third party to promote the products to be advertised in masses. With this model, you can generate very high revenues if you provide a decent commission to those who help sell the products.

3.       Lead-based model

You can opt to obtain leads, which represent people who are compliant to buying your products. These leads usually consist of people who have provided contact information that will allow you to market new products as soon as they come into the market.

4.       E-commerce model

The e-commerce model is very dependent on marketing the right products to consumers who purchase online. If you intend to use this business model, you should have a very good CRM system to allow you to study buying trends of online customers

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