Digital Marketing: Short-term Solutions

Like many, you have been reading about some long-term marketing strategies that will help make a name for your online business. You might see the wisdom in these approaches, and you might even believe it will be highly beneficial to your business – in the long run.

But, what about now? What about the short-term?

You might be wondering if you’ll make it to the long-term’ period of your entrepreneurial efforts. Any business startup is hard and you want to make sure you will be around long enough to see the benefits of these long-term goals.

So, what do you do to bridge the gap between the ‘lean’ now and the ‘prosperous’ then?

Short-term Strategies

A Press Release – The use of a press release is a proven method of inviting individuals to view your site in a manner that provides the information in a news-oriented way. Many online and print publications will issue these releases as a professional courtesy.

Message Boards and Business Blogs – These can require some time, but the strategy is not overly difficult to do. By placing a link to your business site in postings in a message board you may find potential customers checking out your site as they begin to trust your expertise in the message board (normally called a forum). A business blog is a great way to share your personality with a growing customer base. Both strategies can be applied at little or no cost.

Search Engine Directories – While most search engines will normally find and index your site automatically you can be proactive by locating search engines that allow you to submit your URL for faster inclusion in their search engine. This simply alerts them of your presence sooner.

Article Links – You may have some real content on your site that may be beneficial to other sites. By exchanging original content with other sites you may be able to find links posted with each article to be a positive way to drive traffic to your site earlier.

Advertising – Cost-efficient advertising can be found through sources like PPC advertising (Pay Per Click). You might also find sites that compliment your site. These sites often welcome ads that may benefit your business growth in the short term.

Social Media Sites – Placing your personal and business information on a social media site like Facebook can also be a means of driving visitors to your site.

In most cases, the short term solutions listed above provide the potential of additional site visitation and in many cases, the only cost associated with the strategy is in the amount of time you might spend working on the strategy.